HX5-反渗透设备 HX5-反渗透设备
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Frequency conversion water supply system, intelligent pipe network relay pressure boosting (without negative pressure) equipment can set the user's water supply pressure according to the user's needs. If the pipe network water supply pressure is higher than the set pressure, the water pump unit is in the shutdown state, and the tap water can directly supply water to the user through the connecting pipeline. When the water supply pressure of the municipal pipe network is lower than the set pressure, the equipment will automatically enter the relay boosting working state. The unit forms a closed-loop control system through the pressure sensor, water pump and constant pressure variable frequency control cabinet. With the change of water consumption, the speed of the water pump and the number of water pumps put into operation will be continuously adjusted to maintain the constant water supply pressure.






The flow regulator is a sealed container, which can automatically adjust the number of running water pumps and the speed of one water pump according to the change of user water consumption, so as to keep the outlet pressure of the water pump constant. When the user's water consumption is less than the water output of a water pump, the system operates by frequency conversion speed regulation of a water pump according to the change of water consumption. When the water consumption increases, the pressure in the pipeline system decreases. At this time, the pressure sensor transmits the detected signal to the microcomputer control unit, and sends instructions to the frequency converter through microcomputer operation judgment to control the water pump motor, Speed up the speed to ensure constant system pressure. On the contrary, when the water consumption decreases, the speed of the water pump slows down to maintain constant pressure. When the water consumption is greater than the water output of one pump, the first pump switches to power frequency operation, and the second pump starts variable frequency speed regulation operation. When the water consumption is less than the water output of two pumps, one or two pumps can be stopped automatically. In the whole operation process, the constant pressure of the system is always maintained, so that the water pump always works in the high-efficiency area, which not only ensures the constant pressure water supply of users, but also saves electric energy. The equipment does not need to be equipped with full-time operators.



Equipment characteristics.


Energy saving:Saving Electricity up to30%-80%

☆环保 : 过流部件均采用食品级不锈钢,杜绝用水二次污染。

Environmental protection:Components water flow thought adopt stainless steel which can be used as food,to prevent secondary pollution.


Safety:anti-slip,prevent low Water level,prevent Cracked,prevent Water hammer,prevent Backflow,prevent Backflow, prevent current overload.


Beautiful:The use of high-quality materials and professional design to make products more beautiful.


Save money:There is no need to build pools and tanks, not need to clean and disinfect regularly.Saving more than 50% of the construction fee and the latter part of the cleaning and maintenance costs


Water pressure stability:The outlet pressure is detected by a real-time sensor.The use of frequency control is to ensure constant water pressure.


Take up less space:The equipment delivery by complete sets,The volume and installation space is small.☆噪音低,振动小,适用范围广。

Low noise,Small vibration,Wide range of applications.


Built-in dedicated inverter,High degree of intelligence


The inverter records the current status before power of.The power will automatically restart power after 10 seconds


There is automatic alarm function,Emergency measures can be taken when a failure occurs


it is easy to operate,install,repair and manage.Service life is long.